When you come to Athens, there are a few places you should not miss for the world.

I have added my favorites here, But I am sure you will add a few of your own when you are done with this mesmerizing city!

  1. Anafiotika: it is actually a part of Plaka, nestled right under the acropolis hill. Get lost in the small streets, and feel like you are on an Aegean island for a couple of hours, and you don’t even risk to get seasick!:)
  2. Olympian zeus temple: there is unfortunately not much left to see, but you can imagine how it felt to walk in to this enormous temple.. I have lost myself in my thoughts and dreams many times looking up on these columns!!Make sure to spend at least a couple of hours here!
  3. Cape Sounion, temple of Poseidon : an amazing piece of ancient architecture that was built on a cliff overlooking the Aegean is a breathtaking place that every visitor to Athens must visit. Did I mentioned that the Athens card gives you a great price on the organized tour to Sounion. It leaves every afternoon in order to catch the sunset. Make sure to bring your camera!
  4. The New Acropolis Museum: This Museum is one of the best museums in the world in my opinion! You can spend countless hours walking around. The entrance is of course included in the Athens card! J
  5. Last but not least! The Acropolis itself, up there on the hill, looking down at us mortals. Thousands of people come to Greece every year, just to catch a glimpse of this marble miracle. If you only have time for one thing while in down, come here… oh, and of course the entrance fee to the hill is included in your Athens card