The Spring season in Athens, Greece is really Nice with higher temperatures and almost no rain. It is Not as Hot as in the summer though, making it an excellent time of the year to visit athens! so grab your Athens Card and jump on the first plane here! 🙂


Visitors to Athens will see the first sign of spring if they come here in March.

Temperatures are getting warmer, reaching an average of 12°C (54°F) with an average low of 8°C (46°F) and an average high of 16°C( 61°F)

In the beginning of March there is a slightly higher chance of rain and an average temperature of 11 °C (52°F).towards the middle of the month

The chance for rain decreases and the temperatures get higher.

Average sunshine is also higher, around 6 hours per day.

The chance of rain is also much smaller in March and visitors are not expected to have any problems with rain.

Humidity is again around 70% for the month of March.



Similar weather to march, April brings us even higher temperatures, with an average temperature of 15 °C (59°F), the average low is 11°C ( 52°F) and the average high is 19°C (66°F) the beginning of April has a little lower temperatures around 13°C (55°F) and towards the middle of the month as the temperatures get higher, the chance of rain decreases

Average sunshine in Athens during April is around nine hours, and with more sunshine and less rain, there is only a minimal chance for you to encounter rain during your visit to Athens in April

The humidity is also less, averaging 65%



In may you will see even higher temperatures, and better weather in general, together with the first signs of summer!

The average temperature in may 20°C ( 68°F) while the average low is just 15°C (59°F) and the average high can reach 24°C! (75°F)

The average sunshine in may is almost 10 hours, with virtually no chance of rain, and with an average humidity of 50% which is among the lowest all year, and during the month of may we start seeing a few brave individuals testing out the sea.. Maybe, if you are lucky you can jump in on a really sunny day!

If you are interested in the winter season instead, go here!

P.S don’t forget that you can check out updated weather rapports on established weather sites like !!