Hello again! We thought that gathering a little information here about what the weather is like in Athens might help you decide when to go..

If you are coming in a few days, you could check a site like weather.com or our local site meteo.gr!!

And of course, you should also go ahead and pick up your Athens card while you are here! 🙂


Winter in Athens


Winters are generally mild in Athens, with January being the coldest month with departures averaging around 10 °C ( 50°F), and the average low could be around 7 °C (45 °F ) but the average high reach 13°C  (55°F ) unfortunately Athens weather in January is mostly cloudy with a good chance of rain

Humidity is around 70 % so it will probably not bother a visitor much..

Also, January is the month with the least sunshine, with only about 3 hours sunshine a day..


Temperatures in February are similar to those in January. We have a little more sunshine this moth but unfortunately a little higher chance for rain as well..


Although the winter technically starts in November, November is usually very pleasant, almost like fall.

Average temperature is around 15 °C (59°F), average low 12°C   (54°F) and average high 18 °C  (64°F)

Although the weather is colder, some people still go to swim on the sunnier days. The average sea temperature is 20°C   (68 °F)

We get a lot less sunshine in November though, just around 3 hours, and there is a greater chance of rain, especially towards the end of the month.


December is one of the colder moths in Athens, but still very mild comparing to northern Europe.

Average temperature is 12°C   (54 °F ) while average low is 9°C  (48°F) and average high is 14°C  (57°F)

Again, we do not get much sunshine during December, usually around 3 hours a day..

The sea is also colder, averaging around 17°C (   63 °F) , but since the air temperature is only at 14°C (57°F)  swimming is not a favorite activity for most visitors.

The humidity is also a little bit higher, averaging around 75%

December is also the rainiest month of the year for Athens, but with around 70mm of rain occurring for an average of 11 days, there is still highly unlikely that your holiday will be ruined by rainstorms.